Epoxy Pressure Injection

Epoxy pressure injection is the process of injecting epoxy-based construction adhesives to bond concrete, and in some instances, laminated wood structural beams.

In addition, epoxy pressure injection is often used to bond delaminations and fill voids under equipment base plates, providing 100 percent bearing capacity. This process also protects the rebar and stops leakage by creating an impervious seal to air, water, chemical, debris and other contamination.

Epoxy pressure injection essentially for “welds” cracks back together. This welding restores the strength and loading originally designed into the structure through use of the concrete. In other words, under most conditions, it makes the concrete as good as new.

Structural restoration of concrete by epoxy pressure injection is very often the only alternative to complete replacement. It therefore results in large cost savings.



  • Stress cracks

  • Fractures

  • Shrinkage cracks

  • Base plate

  • Delaminations

  • Fill voids